Kilborn Physiotherapy

Manual Therapy


Kilborn Physiotherapy Clinic uses a manual therapy approach to treatment.  A full biomechanical assessment determines if there are muscle imbalances, joint mobility dysfunctions and patterning issues.


Treatment focuses on restoring muscle strength and normal joint mobility through strengthening and specific joint mobilization or stabilization. 


Exercise Therapy


Patients are given specific home exercises with therabands, weights and and core strengthening programs.  These help to restore normal strength and movement.  Education on proper training to return to sport is provided.


Electrotherapy and Modalities


Modalities such as the muscle stimulator, interferential current, electro-acuscope, and ultrasound can enhance the healing process of injury.




Althletic taping is used to support various injuries during the healing process and during return to sport.  Kinesiotaping is offered by a certified K-taping therapist.


Kilborn Physiotherapy Clinic provides treatment for various musculoskeletal injuries including: