Kilborn Physiotherapy

Kinesiotape Helps Injuries


Many athletes suffer sports injuries which require physiotherapy.  The main goal is to successfully return the athlete to his/her sporting activity without aggravating the injury.  This is no easy task.  The use of braces and taping help protect and support the injury.


Kinesiotape is relatively new to North America but the tape can be used for various injuries.  Indeed, applied correctly, Kinesiotape can improve muscle function, reduce pain, support joints, and help with circulation.


The tape works by stimulating mechanoreceptors in the skin which can inhibit the pain in the tissues, reduce muscle tension and increase muscle tone if needed.  Joint stability and function can also be improved through corrective taping techniques.  Application is very specific depending on the injury being treated.


A certified physiotherapist with Kinesiotaping training and experience should apply the tape. Moreover, the tape should be applied 20 to 30 minutes prior to activity.  Athletes like the fact that the Kinesiotape does not restrict their movement and is quite comfortable.  Most patients find the tape does not irritate their skin. 


Clinically, I find Kinesiotape excellent in helping patients return to sport faster and with proper support to prevent re-injury.  I work with an elite track and field team.  Kinesiotape has allowed many of the athletes to compete and train while recovering from injury.



Written by Susan Reive,

Owner of Kilborn Physiotherapy Clinic